• Quick & condensed release planning!
  • Efficient release monitoring!
  • Simple creation of test cases!
  • Coordination of customer tests!
  • Unique test management!

Keep an overview

Use the versatility of our different views to keep a clear view of everything!

Pull up all relevant information using the list view!

Use our dispatching default view to see directly which work orders belong to which release!

Highly transparent

  • Capture your process status with a single glance!
  • Check your release expenditure at any time!
  • Check all created tasks for your release!
  • Examine all triggered test cases!

Extremely high quality!

Have all processed tasks checked for your release and create a test case!

Freely decide which people or group check the task!

Determine according to which importance tasks should be checked. Decide whether it is a test level 1 or 2 matter!

If the test case is not to your satisfaction, the task editor will automatically receive a notification and the task will be re-edited!

Manage your test cases!

  • Take advantage of the wide range of features and quickly define a test scenario!
  • Simply put a check mark next to the approach you prefer!
  • Let our integrated information pop-ups explain exactly what the individual scenarios contain!

Extremely easy!

Never before have you been able to process your test cases so easily!

With one click you can decide whether the test case is OK or whether alterations still need to made!

Save a huge amount of time through quick processing!

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