• Easy to use Self Service Portal
  • 24/7 service for all your concerns, disruptions and issues
  • Fully automatic assignment of your ordered assets
  • Quick solutions thanks to an innovative knowledge database
  • Easy management of all processes

Incident and Knowledge Base

  • Problems with the request? Quickly record incidents using the form, submit them for processing and continue working efficiently.
  • Simply access previously submitted disruption details using the knowledge database.
  • Any problem can be solved quickly.

Self Service Portal

  • Submit your orders and requests quickly and easily!
  • Our unique Self Service Portal is there for you 24/7!
  • Take the opportunity to design the Portal to suit your desires and needs!
  • Modify the Portal to align with your company design and use your own customized Self Service Portal!


  • Search the Webshop for an asset that suits you!
  • Use the Webshop and maintain your articles!
  • Give your employees the option of choosing work materials themselves!
  • Decide which articles should be available to which employees!

Forms and applications

  • Design forms which are appropriate for your business!
  • Quick to construct and securely processed!
  • Efficiently establish the most important data!
  • Let us create forms for you quickly and efficiently!

Approval processes

Determine exactly which requirements necessitate an approval stage and which don’t!

Approve or decline with the press of a button!

If necessary, you can also define a reason for declining and utilize the benefit of transparency!

Asset und Service Portfolio

  • Always keep your assets in sight and know who is using what!
  • Managing assets has never been so easy and clear.
  • Service offers can be precisely displayed and defined thanks to the Service Portfolio.
  • The risk to the organization can be fully understood.

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