• Wide range of predefined reports!
  • Custom report creation!
  • Clear presentation!
  • KPI displays!
  • Reporting view in all processes!

Simple and condensed access to all relevant information!

Use our clearly-arranged dashboard to get information about all processes and progress in your company!

For example, you can monitor the number of incoming incidents or the costs charged per project!

What’s more, we also offer you a high range of predefined reports, which can be adopted by you 1:1!

Besides, you also have the possibility to create additional reports according to your wishes and needs!

As clear as it gets!

Easy-to-read graphical presentation of all data!

Decide what information should and shouldn’t be displayed with a single click!

Have all important dates of a report displayed on our timeline!

Take the information you can get in the open report from the description boxes!

KPI – quickly defined benchmarks!

Define custom benchmarks appropriate for your business!

Use our KPI editor to quickly determine reference values and decide which numbers are in the green and which ones are in the red!

Capture with a single glance where there are excesses and take advantage of the opportunity to intervene at an early stage!

Reporting View

  • Get an overview of your progress in each individual process!
  • Choose which process statuses you want to display!
  • Design the diagram according to your ideas and needs!
  • Choose the chart type, color or orientation of your preference!

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