• Create projects quickly & easily
  • Fully automatic resource planning
  • Intuitive project structuring
  • Project control like never before
  • Multi-project management and simulation
  • SCRUM, PRINCE2? No problem, all methods supported!

Project management made easier than ever before!

The Living Service Suite planning module enables you to create project of any size quickly and easily.
Profit from the easy usability and use it to stay on top of the success of your project.

Achieve your goals flexibly!

Use our simulation module with its array of functions to edit your project planning at any time!

Add new projects and tasks, modify the allocation of resources and re-calculate your deadlines!

Success has never been so easy!

Resource planning has never been so easy!

See at a glance which employees are available earliest and prevent overloads?

That’s exactly what our tool offers. The time availability view enables you to see at a glance which employees still have free capacity. Use this transparency as an advantage for your team!

Fully automatic deadline calculation!

Cross off the laborious task of deadline planning from your to-do list. Our software uses every piece of collected data to calculate all deadlines that are relevant to your project quickly and efficiently. Finally you can give your customers achievable deadlines.

Keep an overview!

Never before have you been able to check and manage project flows better. Display forecast costs, dates and external costs. Large-scale tile views, simple traffic light labels and warnings indicate problems early on and day-by-day, guaranteeing success for your project!

Achieve even more!

Prioritize your projects!

Arrange your projects by importance and immediately give your clients information on possible delivery dates and potential sticking points.

Your benefits summarized!

  • Project status updated daily
  • Simple, intuitive planning
  • Achievable deadlines
  • Early warning system for expenses, deadlines, costs
  • Automatically work out deadlines and stay up to date
  • Manage project with agility

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