• Efficient creation of financial objects!
  • Exceptional freedom in the allocation of objects!
  • A wide range of billing options!
  • Spread costs quickly & easily!
  • All invoices at a glance!

Numerous ways of depositing information!

Display all price information relevant to you at the financial object.

Record the time of the billing and check back on it months later.

Define billing types according to your requirements or specifications.

Specify the exact period and organizational unit and therefore the validity of your financial object.

Flexible billing options

Determine exactly what is to be charged. Bill an asset, a person, a project and much more!

Quickly check whether the object is to be billed once or perhaps even continuously!

You can also decide whether, for example, your project is to be billed according by time or by a flat rate. The options are endless!

Share costs simply!

Easily spread the costs to other companies or cost centers!

Define at the object exactly which company or cost center will be affected by the arising costs and to what extent!

This method allows you to determine whether the customer contributes partly to the costs for an asset or whether the contractual costs are shared between three participating companies!

FinancialApp – simply brilliant!

Use this app to make bills available to the person responsible!

Take advantage of the opportunity to get an insight into all your bills and expenses!

Print these cost records and create invoices or simply transfer them to the ERP system or SAP!

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