• Automated standard workflows!
  • Save time and resources!
  • Open & custom interfaces!
  • Compatible interfaces:
    Web service, e-mail, PowerShell, database!
  • Flex automation!

Fully automated solutions!

Automate various standard processes in your business!

Let the LSS take care of the time-consuming task of creating new employees fully automatically!

Save a huge amount of time and resources!

Minimize the generation of errors by using an automated process!

Automation – open and tailored like never before!

Automation systems can be individually integrated into your workflows thanks to the range of open interfaces!

We offer you the chance to trigger your automation through various interfaces!

Choose whether to trigger your automations using a web service, e-mail, PowerShell or your database!

Flex Automation

Various automatisms can be triggered throughout the entire process cycle!

Define for yourself, at which points automatisms are released in your workflow!

For example, automatisms can be released when you complete, cancel or change the status of a process instance!

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